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The woman behind the RP, professional marketing and branding background. You name it, blogging, SEO, website design/development, campaign management… etc etc. This is what I do.


Often asked, “Can I get the landmark?” Here we are! I.GOT.IT.FROM brings to you Second Life fashions that are practical, won’t break your bank, that are mesh, and that are available for most body types

Interested in your creations being featured?  We blog fashions, skins, mesh bodies and accessories, decor, homes and locations.

Contact christinecoreay in-world or contact me here for your needs in highlighting your best creations.


  1. Mrs. Christine Delarusso – Family woman/Business woman. Modeling for casual wear, business, semi-formal, and formal wear.
  2. Mr. Gee Ricardo Delarusso – Family Man/Urban Elite. Modeling casual wear, business, and formal wear.
  3. Ms Jazzi Parkin – Domme Extraordinaire. Modeling fetish, business, semi formal, and formal wear.
  4. Ace Leone – DJ/Model. Modeling casual wear, business, and formal wear.